Dear fit life community,
We are so thankful for your continued support
We need YOU now more than ever….
Please do not hesitate to reach out and express your needs, concerns or questions.  We are here for you and want to provide you with the best experience during this difficult time.  We would love for you to come to us first when expressing what you would like to see on the schedule.  We are trying hard to accommodate, however please keep in mind not only are we under specific protocols/guidelines, we are running at a small percentage of what is our typical norm.
  • We are adding classes back slowly to ensure the safety and cleaning protocols are met
  • We are adding more classes where participation is at it’s max to comply with the maximum attendees
  • We are removing classes where participation is low to allow for the adding of higher demand times and types of classes
  • We are continually reading and researching updates on the guidelines in the fitness industry.
  • REMEMBER LIVE STREAM classes are under the MELROSE schedule
  • Open gym times are now available by appointment under the class tab.
Please write any questions or concerns to email
In Health,
Jenine Wright
Founder of Fit Life