Group cross-training to fuel your fire.

Push past whatever’s holding you back.

Motivation, energy, and teamwork. It’s all here at Pulse X with fun, supportive classes that combine cardio and strength into one fast-paced, full-body sweat session. Expert trainers — and a group to cheer you on — inspire you to reach your personal best.

Cutting-edge fitness technology designed to give you an edge.  

  • Matrix ClimbMills, Woodway treadmills, indoor WaterRowers, heavy ropes, TRX, and more work every major muscle group in ways that keep your body guessing — and progressing.
  • Heart rate monitoring technology provides feedback on your intensity levels and gives results based on your exertion. That makes it easier to set challenging but realistic goals … and crush them.
  • Community spirit? It’s what sets Pulse X apart from other cross-training studios. Limited class sizes mean that we work together, and we excel together, too.