Find your momentum in our cycling studio.

Progress, momentum, and passion.

Our state-of-the-art, indoor Pulse Cycling studio offers a workout that’s unlike any other cycling-based session because it isn’t a hop-up, speed-up endurance test. It’s geared toward results, goals, and teamwork. By measuring your functional threshold of power, you’ll get performance summaries and other metrics at the end of each class so each session positions you for more progress.

Metrics that mean something.

  • Innovation using Stages Flight, a web-based data analysis tool that includes customized intensity levels, GPS ride function, and competition modes.
  • All workouts are led using a percentage of functional threshold power (FTP), a way to measure the amount of sustained power for an hour for each rider. FTP tests help to fuel results and performance.
  • Unique system adjusts for intensity level so that everyone works as a team, not as competitors. Cycling intensity zones are updated on our monthly newsletter and website.