5 Studios Under One Roof

Five studios, one mission: to make you feel as passionate and energized about your fitness as we are. Each studio has unique, results-driven classes led by highly experienced instructors who will keep you motivated at every level.

Your fit life starts here.

  • Five studios under one roof. No more multiple memberships. Everything you need is right here — barre, yoga, Pilates, TRX, cycling, group training — along with plenty of support to keep you motivated.
  • Highly credentialed, expert trainers. If you’ve ever had a truly inspiring instructor you know what a huge difference it makes. That’s the only kind of instructor you’ll find here.
  • Emphasis on progress and injury prevention. Each body is different and has a story to tell. We listen to yours then help you set appropriate goals to maximize fitness and minimize risk of injury.
  • Support and guidance at every step. Exercise is just one aspect of a fit life. That’s why our supportive personal trainers and fitness consultants help you create a plan for clean eating, stress reduction, and more.

Fitness is a journey. We’re here to help you find your path.

How you exercise, eat, handle stress, and even connect with your community all play a role in your overall health. At fit life, our mission is to address these multiple components of your well-being so you can experience a radiant life as your best self.

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