Life changes for many of us in the summer.  While we love the more laid-back vibe of long summer days with less scheduled activities, it often means our regularly scheduled workouts are affected.

How do we make sure we don’t lose all that progress we made during the rest of the year?

First try to remember that simplifying in the summer is important.  Start with prioritizing, by creating a list of what matters most to you, you can create healthy habits and routines that work and will be able to stick with them and not miss any of the summer fun!


We often try to tackle too many things in a day and then get discouraged or put off some of the things that matter most.

  • Make a Schedule for yourself, as well as for your kids.  Make YOU a priority and schedule your workouts.  Get it on your calendar and sign up on Sundays for the week.  If you schedule it – you will be less likely to let something else take priority.  Establishing routines and habits to create automation in your life.


Distractions are the number one reason we feel like we don’t have enough time in our day.  From scrolling on social media and eating up hours of time to just not being able to prioritize, we waste lots of time.  Sometimes we are so worried about getting our list done that our workout become secondary and then we end up feeling awful because our list doesn’t get done anyway.  Workouts need to be a priority or they will always be the first to go.


  • Find a workout buddy. It’s much harder to blow off a workout when someone else is counting on you.  Start a group workout text and recruit each other to workout.
  • Commit to yourself like you would to a loved one.


  • Line up a sitter, barter with your friends or siblings.
  • Use the childcare at Fit Life. (Your kids will be great for an hour and you will be such a better parent if you have gotten in a workout.)


Workouts don’t have to be all or nothing.  There’s no particular amount of time that you NEED to workout.

  • 10 minutes of a brisk walk is better than no walk at all.
  • Going to the beach? Commit to walking for 15-20 minutes before setting up.
  • Going to a pool, commit to 10 laps every couple of hours!
  • If you miss your favorite PulseX class because you had to drive your son somewhere, maybe there is a yoga class you can get to, ride your bike to the farmer’s market or literally “run” an errand.

Something is better than nothing even if it isn’t your usual routine.  Sneaking movement/activity in when you can burns many calories without even thinking about it.

And who knows, maybe you find another type of workout, activity or class you love??


  • Try switching up your routine in the summer. Perhaps you can get an early morning workout in before the kids get up.  The hardest part is getting out of bed – the rest is easy!  Or perhaps you stop at the studio on your way home from work.  Sometimes a stop home will sabotage the best plans.
  • Talk to one of the Personal Trainers about ways you may be able to reach your goals quicker. Consultations are complimentary and it may give you some good advice, especially if you have hit a plateau.


  • Try setting a personal goal for yourself. Maybe you come up with a reward for yourself for achieving that goal, like that new outfit or bathing suit you have been eyeing.  Try to steer clear of ever rewarding yourself with food.

While the health benefits speak for themselves, sometimes we all need a little motivation. Whatever it is, tell yourself – if you get 10 workouts in July then you will reward yourself.   Or, if I get 20 workouts in this summer then I will splurge on that lululemon you loved.

It is important to maintain and be conscious of good nutrition all summer long.  Left’s face it, we don’t eat quite as well during the summer.  So many impromptu get togethers, beach snacks, never ending excuses for an evening cocktail, and then there’s the ice cream.

  • Try to continue to food prep and not veer to far away from your “norm”.
  • When going to a get together bring a healthy option, that way you always know one will be there. 😉
  • Try to eat your veggies first so they will fill you up and you will eat less of the processed picky processed snacks.
  • Drinks can be loaded with sugar. Try to add just a splash of your favorite mixer and then the rest soda water, you will cut your sugar intake by A LOT!

Sweat all summer!  Get at least 3 workouts in a week –you will feel so much better, not to mention feel great on the beach!

This post was written by Jenine Wright and Beth Maher.