Thank you for making getting back into shape fun! I love Fit Life and every class is phenomenal.

Susan A

I just wanted to say how happy I am that I am a member of Fit Life!!! Over the years I have met so many wonderful people! Our instructors are also the best!!! So glad that we now have Fit Life in Winchester for a quick drop in!!!


I’ve been a member of Fit Life for 11 years and still going strong! Love the instructors, classes but mostly the community. The members are inclusive, friendly, fun to work out with and it’s just a wonderful atmosphere! Come see for yourself.


Wakefield, MA

Fit Life has been instrumental for me returning to group classes. I was very anxious at first, not wanting to workout “local” when I was feeling so overweight and underwhelmed. I can’t say enough how the community is supportive, inclusive, and beyond fun! I appreciate the skilled instructors and the time and attention that goes into planning schedules that work for the members. Thank you! Can’t wait to rock another year with Fit Life


Melrose, MA

The classes at fit life are not your typical group classes. The instructors understand programming, improving fitness level, building strength and actually making change. I feel like my money is well spent as I am finally seeing results from my workouts. I am so happy I moved so close to this studio.


Melrose, MA

So many options! I am always excited about setting up my schedule for the week. Best place ever!


Malden, MA

I have never been to a gym that I felt like I receive valuable information that can actually change my life, until I found fit life. It is way more than fitness. I have learned so much and cannot thank the team at fit life enough.


Wakefield, MA

This is the best “gym” I’ve ever belonged to. It’s more like 4 boutique studios, all with amazing classes. The instructors are all fabulous and do a great job helping modify or correct form. They also have the best childcare! Everyone is so sweet to my daughter and it’s made working out such a pleasant experience. So so happy I found this place.


Winchester, MA

You get to try your first class for free and I found a Groupon for the yoga studio which let me get a real feel for whether I like the place before committing. I’m happy to report that I’ve loved every class I’ve tried so far, the customer service has been excellent, and everyone talks about what a great community this place is. I hope to be coming here for a long time.


Fit Life Melrose is exactly the kind of gym I was looking for. I had been searching for a place that offers a wide variety of classes and Fit Life has it all–yoga, pilates, HIIT, barre, spin, etc. I’ve tried the first three and can say they all had fabulous instructors. The equipment and amenities are also top-notch. There’s a free parking lot on site, and if it fills up you can usually find free street parking all around the area pretty easily’

Janelle G.

I love to hate the gym but everyone here makes it tough to even hate the gym! (I think that makes sense?!!?) This gym is great! Great people, classes, and knowledge, just to name a fraction of how they help.

Michael S.

The BEST locally owned fitness class gym you will ever attend. It is a clean, state of the art gym where the instructors care about you and your goals. I have been going here for a year now, and I can’t say enough great things about the place. Along with classes, they offer healthy living workshops, a running club, and yoga! This gym is for regular people of all ages who want to be healthy and stay in shape.

Elizabeth E.

This is an AMAZING fitness studio. The owners are so passionate about what they do and about helping people become their healthiest and most fit. They do so much above and beyond … I have attended free seminars at the studio for example hosted by the owner. The owners are very well educated. Since becoming a member I have changed the way I eat and even think about food, I have met fitness goals that I never thought possible. I highly recommend trying a group class at the studio, the first was complimentary so there is no risk… you will definitely not be disappointed. And even better they offer child care during workouts.

Debra K.

Great place to work out and meet amazing people. There are so many classes to choose from as well as private personal training. All staff have proper certifications and well skilled. You will not be disappointed.

Rachelle S.

I have been attending classes at Fit Life for almost 2 years now and couldn’t say enough good things about this studio. Jenine is an expert in her field and I always feel safe working out with her and her instructors. They really emphasize good form and teach you the foundations so that you can exercise without injuring yourself. The studio is also a great community, I have made many long lasting friendships with other studio members. Unlike other gyms I have been to there is never that intimidation factor. Everyone is super warm and welcoming to everyone. I highly recommend this studio to anyone who is looking for a great workout with fun people!

Molly C.

I’ve been going to Fit Life for almost 2 years. Initially I was hesitant to try spin classes because I thought it would be boring, but Jenine makes it anything but! I really look forward to spin because it’s the one time in my day where I am truly present and in the moment not thinking about anything other than what I am doing – it’s like meditation for me.

Jenn F.

Joining FLS was transformative for me. For the first time ever I was excited about working out and looked forward to seeing the cheerful faces of the awesome people who belong there. I went from having every excuse not to exercise to eagerly anticipating every single class. All the instructors are amazing and super invested in the members – it’s a great community!

My husband and I just relocated from Massachusetts to Colorado, and having to leave FLS was the worst part of the move! I’m currently on the prowl for a small, class-based gym full of awesome people here – but nothing can compare to FLS! Fantastic place.

Lindsey T.

The best thing about this gym is VARIETY. You will never be bored. It’s an opportunity to work out every part of your body and mind with spin, barre, amazing yoga classes, pilates and the instructors really want you to succeed and make every class your best class ever. A great gem in Melrose!

Laura C.

I love the instructors, the facility, the members and the number of great classes offered. I’ve been a member for 11 years and can’t live a week without going to Fit Life! I’ve made so many new friends and we take pride in our workouts. We try to make it fun as well. GREAT PLACE TO WORK OUT! Love it!

Pam E.

I started back in January 2017 with a free intro spin class and instantly felt like I found a gym that I felt comfortable and motivated to go to. All the instructors here are super nice and encouraging. I love that each instructor really takes the time to teach you how to do exercises correctly and effectively. All the members of the gym are really friendly and talkative. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone and everyone!

HaiDang K.

I absolutely love going to Fit Life. I found it with Class Pass and will be joining as a member. There are so many class options to choose from. I feel supported and am always greeted by a friendly face whether it from the front desk staff, class instructors or fellow gym members.

Michele L.

Locally this is the best place to improve your fitness—I really can’t say enough good things about Fitlife, Jenine and her staff. It’s a totally different experience than a gym that is a personalized approach with top-notch instructors more qualified than you’ll find anywhere else. I’m so lucky to live just down the street from Fitlife in Melrose!

Jenn V.

I’m new to your Corey St. location, but in past years I have taken many classes in your Tremont St. studio: spin, TRX/row and Pilates. Jenine is incredible (hi Jenine!) and I’ve found through other classes I’ve taken elsewhere, no one can beat her or her highly trained staff.

Jennifer M

October 2018