A smart, well-thought-out training program is incredibly essential for all developing athletes. Exposure to situations that provide the athlete’s mind and body with positive, healthy pressure will increase their performance in life and sport. This pressure comes from teachers, parents, friends, coaches and life experience that all culminate to create a well-rounded and resilient individual.

Just as athletes need to exercise their brains by learning mathematics, reading, and writing, they must also nurture their “physical literacy” by exercising their bodies to understand and feel how an athlete moves. The primary goal of a training program for athletes should be to practice fundamental movement skills to develop control of the neuromuscular system, which is a key component of a successful athlete in any sport.

In our Strength & Conditioning Workshop for Fall Sports Preparation, each athlete will receive a custom, sports specific training program to improve athletic performance by learning how to properly:

  1. Resistance train to get stronger
  2. Do plyometric training for power development, muscular recruitment and body control
  3. Train the correct energy system in the body for endurance or speed-based, short duration sports
  4. Develop mobility and flexibility for durability and plasticity of the muscles and joints
  5. Prime the body for movement with proper nutrition, sleep, and recovery
  6. Have access to yoga classes weekly to recover/restore after intense training

It is essential to understand that recovery is just as important as the work and if you do not give your muscles the time to recover they will not improve efficiently and optimally.  While you want to train hard, you want to train safely. We intend on building you up as an athlete, not breaking you down. Building you up means providing you with the tools not only be healthy on the outside by improving your fitness, but it is also improving your health on the inside with the fuel you give your body.

Remember these essential tips that will optimize your training goals:

  • Proper warm-ups and cool-downs optimize your workout results.
  • Eat a nutritionally dense diet (real food, i.e., Vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc.).
  • Avoid processed foods laden with chemicals and artificial ingredients that provide the body with no nutrients.
  • Hydrate with plenty of water. Avoid Sports drinks filled with artificial coloring and high amounts of sugar.
  • Get enough sleep!
  • Make the most of your offseason by training smart!
  • Replenish your body with real food, the nutritionally dense kind!
  • Be careful where you get your information on training and nutrition; there is a lot of bad information out there.  

Strength and conditioning coaches typically have a degree in Exercise Physiology and have had specific training in strength and conditioning.  It’s vital for athletes of all ages to learn about safe and effective training methods.

Join us in an upcoming youth athlete training program to prepare for the best sports season possible!